The keyboard to get things done.

Silent key switches

Wireless connectivity

Unique productivity features to stay focused

Clean minimalist design for any modern office

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Media Controls.

Work to the perfect soundtrack and manage your playlist with Maestro’s multipurpose knob. 

This one-of-a-kind knob gives you quick access to all your media controls in one spot. Rotate the knob to adjust volume, push left for previous or right for next, and so on.

Quiet Typing.


With Maestro’s silent switches and custom sound dampening, you can enjoy the comfort of a mechanical keyboard without distracting others.

Productivity Sprint Timer.

Working in productive sprints with short breaks has been proven to help you achieve focus and flow. 

Maestro allows you to master time management by breaking tasks down into manageable sprints. Activate the timer by pressing the knob, set the sprint to a time interval of your choice, and go.  

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